GOSPEL short course on Design of Experiments


4-5 December 2007


Physics Faculty, Universitat de Barcelona
Martí i Franquès, 1
08028 Barcelona, Spain

The guest house of the University of Barcelona is located nearby, please make your reservation at "Residencia Torre Girona" (only in Spanish).


Carefully designed experiments are vitally important across many industrial sectors.

This two-day GOSPEL workshop will:

  • Provide participants with a mix of theory and practice in Design of Experiments methods
  • Emphasise hands-on experimentation rather than mathematical analysis and modelling
  • Show participants how to follow good statistical practice and efficiently get reliable information from any experiment
  • Be tailored to the audience’s interests with examples and case studies

The course content includes:

  • Full factorial designs
  • Screening designs
  • Fractional factorial designs
  • Response surface methodology (central composite, face centred and Doehlert design)
  • D-Optimal designs
  • Multicriteria decision-making
  • Designs for qualitative variables at more than two levels
  • Mixture designs
  • Mixture designs with constraints
  • Composite designs (mixtures and process variables)


The short course will be particularly relevant to engineers and scientists working in areas including:

  • Chemical detection
  • Process design
  • Process control


Dr Riccardo Leardi is a chemometrician from the University of Genova, and a chemometrics consultant. His research interests include problems related to:

  • Food
  • Environmental and clinical data
  • Process optimisation

Dr Leardi is:

  • Author of almost 90 papers
  • An invited speaker at many international meetings and several industrial and research centres
  • Review Editor of the Journal of Chemometrics
  • Editorial Adviser of Analytica Chima Acta

More information

Please contact Santiago Marco smarco@el.ub.es with any queries regarding the programme and content.


Participation in the short course is free. Please fill in the following form to register by Monday 19 November 2007.