GOSPEL Workshop on Plastic Chemical Sensors

International Congress Center Dresden, Germany
9th (13:00) - 10th (17:00) April 2008

In the electronics industry, organic materials are increasingly used to print electronics on plastic foils. This workshop will explore how these techniques can be expanded to integrate sensors on plastics, with a special focus on chemical sensors in the gas and liquid phase.

The workshop will bring together research institutes, manufacturers and end users to discuss how to pursue this concept. It is hosted by GOSPEL, a research network funded by the European Commission to develop new techniques and technologies in artificial olfaction.

The event will be held as part of IDTechEx conference Printed Electronics Europe 2008 at the International Congress Center Dresden, Germany. A limited number of delegate rooms are available at a preferential rate – further details and travel information are available through the IDTechEx website on the Venues & Hotels page


This two-day workshop will cover the following areas:

  • State of the art printed electronics and plastic sensors
  • Sensors on flexible substrates
  • Processing on flexible substrates
  • Electronics and wireless communication
  • System integrators and applications

The event will also feature a poster session. Participants who wish to display a poster should email Danick Briand, danick.briand@unine.ch, with the poster title, and their name and affiliation by 1 April.


This will be a multidisciplinary event, and will be of interest to those in areas such as:

  • Chemical sensors: gas sensors and biosensors
  • Organic and inorganic materials for printed sensors and electronics
  • Materials science
  • Printed electronics production
  • Systems integration


The event will be hosted by Dr Danick Briand from the Université de Neuchâtel and will feature the following speakers:

  • Raghu Das, CEO IDTechEx Inc, USA
  • Prof Zhenan Bao, Stanford University, USA
  • Prof Ananth Dodabalapur, University of Texas, USA
  • Prof Magnus Berggren, University of Linköping, Sweden
  • Prof Dermot Diamond, Dublin City University, Ireland
  • Dr Mohammed Mabrook, University of Durham, UK
  • Franz Padinger, CTO NanoIDENT, Austria
  • Prof Vivek Subramanian, UC Berkeley, USA
  • Dr Markku Känsäkoski, VTT Technical Research, Finland
  • Dr Ruth Shinar, Iowa State University, USA
  • Prof Michael Turner, Organic material innovation Centre, UK


GOSPEL workshop on Plastic Chemical Sensors €150.

Dinner on the 9th and lunch on the 10th April are included in the cost.  Accommodation must be booked separately.

The GOSPEL workshop is a satellite event to the IDTechEx conference Printed Electronic Europe 2008 (see below for description)

Those wishing to attend the Printed Electronics Europe 2008 as well as the GOSPEL workshop will be given a discounted rate.  Early registrations for the combined events will receive a further discount (see the registration page for details).


Registration is now open through Printed Electronics Europe 2008.

Those wishing to present a poster should email Danick Briand, danick.briand@unine.ch, with the poster title, and their name and affiliation by 1 April.

Further information

You can email monika.kwoka@ao-action.com with any queries about logistics or Dr Danick Briand danick.briand@unine.ch for enquiries about the programme and content.

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IDTechEx Printed Electronics Europe Conference 2008

Europe's largest event on Printed Electronics will be held on April 8-9 2008 in Dresden Germany, a fast growing centre of excellence for organic and printed electronics. IDTechEx prides itself on giving the big picture by inviting leading global speakers. Commercialisation and the full range of technologies are the emphasis, with inorganic solutions receiving equal emphasis with organic and hybrid solutions – thus reflecting the situation in the real world.

IDTechEx has organized visits to several of the leading local companies active in the subject. The conference will also feature a major exhibition, six optional master classes, investment summit and the Printed Electronics awards, so there are many reasons for attending.

A full range of devices, materials and production technologies will be explained, with many first announcements. Samples and demonstrations will also be available.

Potentially printed electronics is covered as well as printed electronics.  Market figures will be presented for the full $300 billion opportunity opening up as well as the needs of potential users.

For further information visit www.idtechex.com/peEUROPE.