Gas sensors based on semiconducting metal oxides: basic understanding & application fields

Yufuin Sansuikan, Oita, Japan, 26th - 29th May 2013


The workshop is the fifth in a series of Gospel workshops ( and will be jointly organized by the Universities of Kyushu and Tuebingen.


The goal of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for a thorough discussion among experts on the most important developments in the field of semiconducting metal oxide based gas sensors. We aim to bring together academia and industry and help the latter identify which of the new developments are the most relevant to it. Now, after decades of R&D effort, we see that gas sensors are used in a host of applications, that companies are commercializing millions of devices each year and that the number of related publications is increasing. But there is also the feeling that many fundamental issues are still poorly understood and that we need breakthroughs in both technology and basic understanding to be able to bring about new advancements in the field. After very much looking to technological aspects in the third workshop, we feel that there is now the right time to have a look at the advancements in the basic understanding of sensing and to new application fields.

The workshop will start on the 27th of May, in the morning and will end in the evening of the 28th of May; the registration and a come together social event will take place on the 26th of May.

On 29th of May, the excursion will be held to Beppu (, Oita, or Aso mountain (, Kumamoto. After the excursion, we will arrive at Hakata station, Fukuoka in the evening.


Tentative list of invited speakers:  

Mr. Takashi KUSE, New Cosmos Electric, Japan
“Application of high sensitivity semiconductor type gas sensor to gas analyzer”

Dr. Kuniyuki IZAWA, Figaro Engineering, Japan
“Development of CH4 and LP gas sensor using MEMS technology”

Prof. Hyung-Gi BYUN, Kangwon National University Samcheok, South Korea
“Non-invasive breath analysis based on metal-oxide gas sensors array”

Dr. Takeshi HASHISHIN, Osaka University, Japan
“Gas sensors based on multi-walled carbon nanotubes and its modified with metal oxides”

Prof. Eduard LLOBET, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain
“Gas sensing properties of metal-decorated, single-crystalline, tungsten oxide nanowires”

Dr. John SAFFELL, Alphasense, United Kingdom
“Using metal oxides to detect VOCs: good news, bad news”

Dr. Stephan TRAUTWEILER, SGX Sensortech, Switzerland
“MEMS gas sensors: industrial innovations to protect people’s health”

Prof. Ho-Won JANG, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
"Heater-less operation of chemoresistive sensors for further 
functional convergence"

You can email with any queries about logistics or the workshop organizers for enquiries about the programme and content. 



Extended Abstract Submission Deadline: 1st March 2013

Confirmation of acceptance: 15th March 2013

Registration Deadline for the Conference: 5th April 2013