GOSPEL Associates Showcase & Workshop

Tübingen, 5 June 2007


Scope and programme

Artificial olfaction is the science of complex gas sensing. It addresses both odourant and non-odourant gases and has applications in healthcare, security and environment and industrial processes. It is based on technologies such as micro- and nano-systems and multi-dimensional data processing. Research into biological systems is also key to inspiring new designs for technology. The focus of the workshop is on recent developments and opportunities for new collaborations:

Highlights from GOSPEL
Dr Udo Weimar, University of Tübingen and GOSPEL Network Coordinator

Next generation smart systems – Sensor and actuator technology development
Dr Mercedes Crego Calama, Stichting IMEC Nederland/Holst Centre

Converging biology and silicon technology: Natural neural networks in biohybrid computation
Prof Axel Blau, Kaiserslautern University of Technology

The EPoSS Technology Platform and opportunities for smart chemical sensors
Hughes Metras, CEA/LETI  

An Introduction to the FP7 call ICT-2007.3.6

Presentations of GOSPEL research

Breakout sessions focussed on specific opportunities in smart systems, bio-inspired solutions and smart materials.